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Automotive Locksmith – Car Key Replacement

Nicolas Melo

If you ever lose your car keys, trust me, call Local Ottawa Locksmith. My 5 year old son was playing with my car keys and ended up throwing them down into a huge river from a bridge. I obviously ran down to try and retrieve them but it was pretty much impossible to find them. We were completely stranded at the park because I was not able to drive the car. I quickly googled where to get new keys and Local Ottawa Locksmith was the first place that came up. I gave them a call and they were able to get a technician out to me fast! It was amazing he came so quick and was able to make completely brand new car keys and program them for me right on the spot. This place is amazing and I am saving their number if I ever need anything else done.

Residential Locksmith – House Lockout

Isobel King

I locked myself out of the house and Local Ottawa Locksmith was great to work with. I was at the park with my kids and when we got back I noticed I locked my keys inside the house and was unable to open the door. I started to stress right away because I did not want to wait outside the house for long with my kids who were already getting very impatient and wanted dinner. I searched up a locksmith near me and Local Ottawa Locksmith showed up so I decided to give them a call. A really nice lady answered the phone right away and had a locksmith give me a call right after. I mentioned that it was urgent and I could not wait for long and they had the best services. The locksmith understood my struggles and got to my house really quick to unlock the door. I was extremely happy with the services they provided. I really do recommend them to anyone.

Car Lockout

Jessica Williams

I am so happy I found this place they definitely saved me. I had a fun day planned with my friends and I was already running late so I was all scrambled and accidentally locked my keys in my car. They were in the ignition but all the doors were locked so now I was stressing out about being even later to meet my friends and now not being able to get into my car and having the ignition running. I called my dad because I did not know what to do and he sent me the phone number to Local Ottawa Locksmith since he has used their services before. They really helped me. Once I called they got a locksmith out to me right away and he came and quickly unlocked my door. It was great they even charged me a fair price and I was not even that late to my plans! I would definitely call them again.

Commercial Locksmith – Lock Change

Cindy McCarver

I work in a medical office and we recently had some renovations done so we wanted to change out the locks and get brand new keys for all of our doors on the examination rooms. I remember I called Local Ottawa Locksmith once before to come unlock our front door since we locked ourselves out so I decided to give them a call again for the lock changes. I had a wonderful experience with them. We needed to change the locks on 6 doors and the technician that called me was so professional and friendly. He listened to our requests and was able to book the time and day we wanted to get this done. When he arrived, we had absolutely no problems. He came right in and was able to change all 6 locks and provide keys to them all very quickly. This was the second time I contacted them and I now have my go to place to call. They were very helpful with my business and I read they do many other services so I will for sure be saving their number for anything in the future.

Automotive Locksmith – Ignition Repair

Arthur Kolesnikov

Local Ottawa Locksmith was great! I recently bought a used car which was working fine for a bit but one morning I got up for work and my car would not start and I assumed it was something to do with the ignition. I have called these guys before for new car keys and I remembered the technician mentioning to me that they also did jobs with ignitions so I called them right away. They got a technician out to me pretty quick and he was able to figure out the problem and fix it right on the spot. I highly recommend calling Local Ottawa Locksmith for services. I have called them twice already and have never been disappointed.

Residential Lock Change

Keith Fischer

I called Local Ottawa Locksmith to change the locks on one of the houses that I am the landlord of. My previous tenants were moving out and I wanted to get brand new locks for the new ones so I searched up a few places near me and a couple either did not answer or they put me on hold for too long. When I called Local Ottawa Locksmith they answered the phone and I was able to explain what I needed. I wanted it done that same day I called so I was worried they would have been fully booked but when I called, one of the technicians was able to fit me in. You can really tell they care about their customers. We booked a time for that same day and he came right on time and was able to change the front and back door locks easily and also gave me multiple sets of keys to go with them. I was very pleased with their services and would definitely recommend for anyone who needs locksmith services to call Local Ottawa Locksmith.